Chuck Gibbs

CVO / Chairman / Founder CRM Web Solutions, LLC (ChildCareCRM)
Approved Provider Workshop Presenter

Chuck has been involved in the child care industry for 30 years and is currently the Chief Visionary, Chairman & Founder of CRM Web Solutions. His company has created the only Customer Relationship Management and Marketing solution designed specifically for the child care industry… ChildCareCRM. The company’s system has been deployed in over 4,000 locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand… of which approximately 1,200 are in Australia.
Chuck has developed and brought to market software systems for most of his career as an owner or partner in several child care management software companies before he started ChildCareCRM. He has extensive industry experience and vast knowledge of successful sales and marketing systems, methods, strategies and techniques in child care that has been incorporated into ChildCareCRM and used with consulting and training on best business practices with customers. 
Chuck holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Colorado State University. He has personally consulted with over 1,000 centres/schools in his career and actively speaks at childcare industry conferences and corporate functions.

Workshop Topic
The 6 Steps to Winning and Keeping New Enrolments

Learn and understand the six critical steps to winning new enrolments and keeping them once committed. We will explore the details of each step that every parent must go through and discuss how to keep them on track so that you can enrol more children. Once committed, learn ways to eliminate or reduce no shows after registration as well as early withdrawals from your programs. Proven sales techniques and best practices will be addressed as part of these six steps and you will also discover the four secrets to getting your prospects to open up and provide you all the information you need for a successful registration. In addition, get to know the eight habits of successful salespeople that can bring you more enrolments than ever before.