Young Engineers – Dream, Design and Develop (from STEM to STEAM in Early Education)

From Leonardo da Vinci to Albert Einstein, engineers and scientists have also been artists. This hands-on interactive workshop explores the integration of engineering and the arts in the Early Years’ curriculum. Engineer, teacher and author Andrew King and musician and early years’ educator Sue Lewin combine their knowledge and experiences in their chosen fields to lead participants through practical activities, philosophies, songs and creative thinking for young children.

Australia does not produce enough ‘home-grown’ engineers or female engineers; this needs to change and a great place to start is early education. This workshop will be unique, as it will focus on engineering and arts within STEAM engagement. Young children love the things engineers do and create and, in many ways, engineers are just big children – we all like to make things. The workshop will explore opportunities to build on this natural connection improving children’s engineering awareness and facilitating their enjoyment of engineering. As engineering is a naturally cross-curricula activity it relates to many professional educational standards.

About Dr King

Andrew is an engineer, teacher and author. He is passionate about the role that Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (the STEM subjects) will play in our sustainable future and the importance of STEM education. With illustrator Benjamin Johnston, Andrew has created the Engibears picture book series including; ‘Engibear’s Dream’, ‘Engibear’s Bridge’ and ‘Engilina’s Trains’. These books introduce young children to engineering through friendly characters and story. Andrew and Benjamin are currently working on their next book ‘Young Engineers’ which showcases a broad range of engineering disciplines. The book uses links to familiar activities to encourage children to explore engineering; to ‘Dream, Design and Develop’.

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