The Abecedarian Approach in Action

The workshop will have an overview of the 3a approach, research and what it looks like in action in the 0-8 space.

3a is a longitudinal early childhood intervention that introduces children to the rules of the “Learning Game”.

3a is a set of strategies that work in alignment with the National Quality Standard, building educators to have rich language interactions with the children in their care.

About Melissa

Melissa Taylor Hansford has worked for the Department of Education for the past seven years. An early childhood professional with a passion for teaching and learning, Melissa has worked in several roles in her 23 years in the early childhood sector. Melissa has worked as a preschool Lead Educator, a service manager and a trainer and assessor. Melissa is currently working as the Abecedarian Coach for the South East Region. Working alongside services and schools has afforded Melissa the ability to walk in both worlds and further the journey toward curriculum and pedagogical continuity in the early years.

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