Sandi Phoenix
Workshop Presenter

Sandi is the founding company director and Principal Facilitator at Phoenix Support for Educators. Her framework, The Phoenix Cups, have revolutionised how adults not only work with children’s behaviour but how teams and groups of people view each other’s behaviour. Sandi started studying Psychological Science in 1998 when she started working as an educator and is currently undertaking postgraduate study. Sandi is highly regarded nationwide as a speaker, coach, mentor and Professional Development facilitator.

Workshop Topic
Finding flow: How Positive Psychology can inform curriculum in the early years

Join Sandi Phoenix to discuss how the early 20th century psychology still heavily influences education contexts, and how early 21st century psychology can move us from managing behaviour ‘problems’ to solution focussed planning as an embedded part of the program. The session will also consider how early years educators can find moments of flow in play, looking for curriculum that emerges in uninterrupted periods of sustained play, and how that has lasting benefits on psychological development.