Chris Daicos
Workshop Presenter

Chris Daicos is a trained teacher and social worker who has operated a successful consultancy business for over two decades providing facilitating, coaching and training in the public and private sectors. She has developed a range of bespoke professional learning opportunities to hundreds of individuals on a range of topics.

She is actively involved in the tertiary sector teaching the Masters of Education (Student Well Being). Chris has taught in the Masters of Social Work, Masters of Teaching at Melbourne University, and various other courses at Victoria University, Australian Catholic University and Deakin University.

Chris’s most recent qualification in Positive Psychology (she was a foundation graduate of Australia’s first Master Applied Positive Psychology) has steered her into a field that has complimented her work as a Solution Focused Therapist.

She is passionate about bringing solid empirical research into areas such as well-being, personal strengths, psychological health and characteristics of positive groups and institutions. The science of positive psychology, studying human flourishing, contributed these new insights and proven strategies to increase well-being in individuals, workplaces and communities.

Chris’s experience as a teacher and social worker enable her to apply the Positive Psychology Interventions into real life scenarios that participants can relate to. She has worked with staff in both the private and public sector to develop leadership qualities, challenge and develop performance cultures, enhance team functioning and enrich well-being.

Workshop Topic
The Accidental Counselor

The Accidental Counsellor workshop is designed for professionals and support staff who provide informal guidance and counsel to children, families or colleagues.

In this program participants will be introduced to a helping framework, and learn the basic skills required to become effective in helping children with their problems, conflicts, decisions, and relationships. This interactive workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to understand what is required to become an effective helper in a school setting through hands-on exercises and role-play.

Learning Intentions:

  • Introduce a helping framework to guide the helping process
  • Understand the importance of establishing rapport
  • Learn to listen to understand rather than listening to respond
  • Demonstrate active listening skills
  • Develop awareness of body language and non-verbal communication
  • Understand various questioning techniques
  • Understand the process of reflective responses