Why Adults Need To Be In Charge: Creating the most spectacular chance for you and children to grow, exactly as nature intended

The science of child development has very clearly documented that children need the enduring experience of adults who capably guide them in order to be released to the process of growing up. And yet, it is also well known that play-based learning, which has adults following the child’s lead, is optimal for growth across the developmental domains. So which is it? Do adults lead or do children lead?! It turns out, the answer is both. And in understanding exactly what that means you create the most spectacular chance to grow the child, and yourself, exactly as nature intended.

About Dr Lapointe

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe is an author, parenting expert, and registered psychologist (British Columbia #1856) who has been supporting families and children for more than fifteen years.

Author of Discipline without Damage: How to get your kids to behave without messing them up, a regularly invited media guest and contributor, educator and speaker, a Huffington Post Parent blogger, and a consultant to research projects and various organizations promoting emotional health and development, Dr. Vanessa is known for bringing a sense of nurturing understanding and humanity to all of her work. She presently works in private practice and has previous experience in a variety of settings, including the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development and the school system.

Dr. Vanessa’s passion is in walking alongside parents, teachers, care providers, and other big people to really see the world through the child’s eyes. She believes that if we can do this, we are beautifully positioned to grow up our children in the best possible way. As a mother to 2 growing children, Dr. Vanessa strives not only professionally, but also personally, to view the world through the child’s eyes.

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