Assessment and Rating for Educators – How to articulate your purpose when the Department comes to visit

This session will outline the Assessment and Rating process and increase your skills to be confident in articulating what you do and why. Normal every day occurrences; such as tantrums, dealing with relief staff and accidents will always happen, sometimes as the authorised officer walks through the door. It is how we react and manage these situations that is important.

About Louise

Louise has extensive experience in managing early year’s services – from Inclusion Support to kindergarten and Family Day Care and assisted in the set-up of the first Victorian Bush Kinder. She teaches the creative arts as part of the Bachelor of Education at a number of Universities, including the Institute of Koorie Education (IKE) at Deakin University. She is contracted by organisations such as Federal and State Governments, ELAA, Semann & Slattery and Gowrie to deliver professional development across Australia. Louise’s background in theatre provides sessions that are at once engaging and entertaining.

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