The developing brain in an early learning setting, how has the ECE role changed?

The last twenty years has seen an explosion of brain development research
with new technologies allowing us to understand the inner workings of the
human brain like never before. Much of this information looks at the
formative nature and huge significance of the early years’ experience. The
role of the early childhood teacher has moved in the research from the back
of the queue to the very front! Neuroscientific research findings give us a
clear idea about the why and how of early childhood teaching and care. In an easy to understand manner, Nathan will discuss what evidence based best practice would look like in the early childhood setting if this research was put fully into practice.

About Nathan

Nathan is a father of three, stepfather to two and foster father to many more. His professional background includes early childhood teacher, child therapist, social service manager, university lecturer and neuroscience trainer. Following his time at the University of Canterbury, he founded a private training consultancy with the goal of facilitating easy to understand professional development reflecting the latest neuroscience discoveries and their practical implications for everyday practice. Nathan is an advisor for the New Zealand Ministry of Education, and an expert advisor for New Zealand Ministry of Vulnerable Children.

Since then, he has been in hot demand, delivering in excess of 150 presentations every year throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Inspirational and charismatic, Nathan’s keen ability to translate neuroscience into every day life and practice engages all audiences.

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